Laughable Sayings: The 5 Funniest Quotes About Computer That You Will Ever Hear

Many people have the mindset that quotes are purely intellectual statements that are remembered because of how it is rich in knowledge. Another perception is that it should be inspiring, however, that is not the case here because the quotes on this list are far from that.

It is no joke but surely it has made people laugh and of course, it is ringed with a message that is to be learned.

So to keep it short, elaborated is a list of funny quotes that related to computers, have fun reading.

As technology ascend, libraries are kept in the dusty corner because of the fact that the digital realm has everything that people need in order to live. This is the reason why some libraries have chosen to go digital and convert their books to eBooks.

Seriously, you need to read a real book made out of real paper from a real tree even if it takes only a bit of your time. Read more now about the library’s sentiment about computers.

Before Encyclopedia was the book reference that many turns to when they need answers, not they turn to Google to research their inquiries. Who would want to scroll through a whole book just to find a simple information?

It is always a must to Google before you post and filter your information intake. View here for more info about the quote.

Almost anyone and everyone can use the internet without restrictions. Maybe this quote proves how people’s ignorance can be the cause of conflicts on and off the internet. Discover more why this quote is a funny one.

Maybe it is Confucius who said this one but he or she is right, you will never know patience until it is being tested. That is why some say if you want to marry someone make sure you trap them in a room with a slow working connection, it will reveal their true colors. Here is an updated version of how patience is a virtue.

10 is not ten but rather 1 and 0 the main value of binary numbers, the system of codes used in computer programming. Besides being just one and zero, there are values to it that goes as great as 128, how witty is this one? Learn more about the quote and how it relates to binary numbers.

Surely, those witty statements have not only made you laugh but made you realize a point. These are not simply for the sake of entertainment, these might sound funny but it is logical in a sense. Which among the five did you like the most?