Every responsible homeowner understands the benefits of servicing their HVAC systems on schedule. It gives your HVAC system more life and also keeps your power bills at manageable levels. It also helps to maintain a healthy indoor environment that is free from dust and other contaminants.

But even after you replace the filters on your HVAC system on time, you might find that it is completely covered in dust and other particles. What could be causing your HVAC system filters to clog so prematurely? However how much you observe the replacement schedule, you will find the filters clogged with dust. Knowing what is causing the premature clogging of the filters and how to correct the problem can save you from headaches. Let’s explore the common causes of this and a few things that you do to correct them.

Presence of pet hair

Homeowners with pets have to put with a lot to keep their pets comfortable in the house. They have to deal with pet hair on the furniture and dander floating in the air. If your pets are scattering hair around your home, you can be sure they will end in your HVAC filter. Unfortunately, we can’t live without our pets. Brushing your pets at least once a week and vacuuming the house every day can go a long way in addressing this problem.

Changing settings on your thermostat

The HVAC thermostat has two fan settings- “auto” and “on.” When you set it at “auto,” the fan will blow only when the HVAC system is heating or cooling your home. On the other hand, if you set it at “on,” the fan will blow continuously. Changing the thermostat setting to “auto” should help you get more out of your HVAC filters.

High MERV rating on the filter

HVAC filters come in different ratings. A filter with a higher rating will trap very fine particles while an inexpensive fiberglass filter will allow some smaller particles to pass through. Although a filter with a higher rating will leave your home’s hair fresher and cleaner, it accelerates the wear and tears on your HVAC system’s fan. It may also impact on the energy efficiency on your equipment. HVAC specialists crystal lake il can help you to weigh options and find the best HVAC filter that will fit your situation.

Extreme temperatures

Too high or too low temperatures can accelerate clogging on your HVAC filters. At extreme temperatures, the fan will run continuously regardless of the settings on the thermostat. You may consider regulating your fan manually until the seasons change.

Dusty home could also cause premature clogging on the filters

Whether it is accumulated dust from un-used rooms or a construction site, any dust that you don’t vacuum will find its way to the air filters. If your HVAC filter is clogging after every few weeks, the best thing to do is to vacuum its surface. Vacuuming the filter will not remove all the dust and hair particles, but it can help to stretch the life of your system for a few more days. Alternatively, you can use an air purification system to supplement your HVAC system.