Mice are one of the most unpleasant animals to access a home. They are a dominant group of creatures, and transmitters of more than 30 diseases, and when it comes to rodent control services temecula ca experts say more residents must take proactive measures in order to eradicate them. Rodent infestation is very normal to start in autumn because of the low temperatures. It is then when they not only look for food but also shelter, and it is very strange that they venture out again. In fact, they tend to hide in places with some humidity, but not very cold, and enough space to create nests.

Rodents reproduce rapidly. Its population can exceed two hundred in just a few months. A female produces between four and seven offspring per litter, in a gestation period of approximately 19 days. In cities with overwhelming numbers, rodents can cause production losses of millions of dollars, and Chicago happens to be ranked fourth among the nation’s rattiest cities.

How Do Rodents Gain Access?

Rodents gain access through holes and crevices in walls and floors, and duct work and roofs. If it happens that the drainage ducts are not properly sealed, they can also enter through the sink or through bathroom pipes. There have also been reports of mice crawling up through the toilet. How do rodents accomplish this access in all types of tight spaces? They have a soft cartilage, so they have the ability to pass through holes that are smaller than the body. In the same way they can access our home through spaces, rodents create holes throughout the home by chewing and creating burrows. One of the bigger problems is that rodents carry disease. Salmonellosis, typhus, rabies, and parasites such as mites, lice, fleas, tapeworms and nematodes can harm humans, and rats have the potential for creating outbreaks.

Why Are Rats So Difficult to Control?

Rats and mice are usually nocturnal and silent, which is why they are rarely seen. Unless you can interpret the signs of rodents, that is, marks or signs of their presence, they can quietly multiply and take up residence in your home. In order to prevent mice from entering the houses, all slits, gaps and openings must be sealed with metal or cement. In addition, all windows and doors must be properly closed. And any accumulation of garbage or food is an invitation for them to build their burrows.

Food should be stored in metal or glass containers with proper lids and residents must ensure that all food waste is disposed of as quickly as possible. Experts also point out the problems with ultrasonic repellents. The devices generate signals to scare away rodents, but experts say they are not effective because rodents get use to the sounds and after a while, it no longer affects them. We often improvise to minimize these problems and try to solve them on a do-it-yourself basis, but in the end, it’s best to resort to experts because waiting to deal with rodents typically resorts to higher risks.