Reasons Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Popular Today.

As a woman approaches menopause, she is likely to gain weight as a result of hormone level changes. Although menopause may have varying symptoms, the most common symptoms may include, bladder problems, sleeplessness, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness. The good thing is that hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that can help ease some of the symptoms that manifest during menopause. In this kind of therapy, women receive hormone such as estrogen and progesterone in pills, vaginal creams or skin patches. Researchers say that women who go through hormone therapy have a lower risk of osteoporosis and live longer.

In case you have gone through hysterectomy hormone therapy is good for you. In case you have been through hysterectomy the health care providers will give you a hormone therapy without estrogen.For many years, both men and women have found hormone replacement a helpful therapy. Patients can receive the hormonal therapy in two kinds.The therapy may include estrogen therapy and progesterone and estrogen therapy. Basically, the estrogen therapy entails administering estrogen in a low dose to prevent the symptoms that come with menopause. Patients who undertake estrogen-progesterone therapies patients receive combined doses of progesterone and estrogen. Hormone replacement therapy is mostly administered for some weeks every month.

The fact is that although the therapy is helpful in ensuring that women shed some weight, it is not clear to many women how this is achieved. The level of hormones in women tends to reduce a few years before menopause begins. The women are therefore likely to have the desire of feeding on food rich in sugar. The other change that takes place during menopause is that the production of estrogen in the body decreases, and thus the body starts utilizing the stored estrogen. Since the level of testosterone lowers at this stage, it leads to low lean muscle.Lean muscle assists in burning fat. When lean muscle lowers, the accumulation of fat is high leading to excessive weight gain.

The weight gained during menopause is attributed to hormone imbalances and it is not easy to shed it. The only way that these women can lower their weight, is only through hormone replacement therapy. By considering their body conditions, and through the help of their doctors, women are free to choose the therapy that works best for them. Due to the high weight gain in menopause stage, many women are at risk of suffering from different cardiovascular diseases.There is proven study that proves that hormone replacement therapies can help reduce the gain of weight during the postmenopausal stage.

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