An Introduction to the Versatile and Highly-Sought After Teflon

What is that one thing that registers in your mind when someone mentions the word Teflon to you? If you are like many people, you will probably associate it with the coating substance on pots and pans that you use in cooking. However, you shouldn’t be surprised to discover the versatility of Teflon especially in industrial applications. How about we get some history of this product that traces its roots to 1938 when it first came into being after scientists from DuPont Corporation discovered its many great uses? It is also important to note that Teflon by itself is non-corrosive, doesn’t react to chemicals and also doesn’t undergo oxidation. In a nutshell, when you hear the mention of Teflon, it should automatically click your mind that this is a brand name whose chemical compound is made up of carbon and fluorine and which has very many great applications and industrial uses. Continue reading here to discover more uses of this chemical compound and how it can benefit your business.

One of the many popular uses of this product is on windshield wiper blades to ensure the blades are running smoother and quieter over your car’s windshield. The other notable advantage of having the Teflon coating on windshield blades is for durability as it enhances its ability to ward-off harsh weather conditions.

You will also discover Teflon as a very good product for car coating to protect the undercarriage and the original car paint. It is no wonder cars with a Teflon coating have a shiny appearance and will have very minimal or no visible car scratches. Still on matters cars, Teflon will keep your car away from rust as much as possible. The next notable use and application of this product are on keeping dirt and stains at bay on your furniture upholstery.

If you wear glasses and want to protect them against smudges, scratches and those unsightly glares, look no further beyond Teflon. When you find eyeglasses that have a clear coat of Teflon on the lenses, you will rest easy knowing you will have a perfect and clear vision. The other industry that has greatly benefited from Teflon is the hair and beauty industry, thanks to its high heat-resistant properties. You will mostly find it used on quality flat irons and other styling tools that are subjected to extreme heat such as curling wands. As is evident from this article, the many personal, practical and recreational of this product has taken the world by storm, it is no wonder its great versatility and use is very popular today more than ever before.