Why it Is Important To Keep Your Mind Sharp

Everyone who has gone through school must have heard the famous advice from the teachers that, you will not be able to use a calculator in life. All of them agreed tit el their students that out there life is not about using a calculator. With that in mind the students used to make all possible effort to get mathematical formulae and ensure they keep them in the head. Anything from multiplication, addition, division, and subtraction is well stored in the minds of many. However other than the standard math, life turns out that it requires great thinkers who can make critical predictions of issues. Life requires more than a calculator.

It is possible that you may also have been told that you only use 10% of the total brain. However scientists have not proven this and cannot be treated as a fact. However there is a lot that is changing with the changing world of technology. People even those who do not like thinking are forced b circumstances o think.

The most surprising thing is that most people gained so much in school but what adds value to their lives is so little. You may think that you do not use most of what you learned like who discovered America. A much as it looks like a story, it has more to it than just treating it as a story. You can click for more info on what you learned in school. You can click here for more info about the historical things that were taught in school.

There is so much that people learn in school until you wonder how it applied in real life. When it comes to English for example, n teacher will agree to your composition when you complete a sentence with a preposition. As you start using what you learned in school, you know that there is no law to the proposition. However is also important to note that there is eloquent speech that is very important in life.

Most learners also believe that they can be somewhere where there are no limitations. What may surprise you is that the pull of gravity is more elsewhere that where you think it is most. It is important to understand that the best thing is to overcome your limitations. Therefore it is essential not to affix blame on anyone, the most important thing is to learn how to live in the present situation. If you want to live well, look for the things that work in your current situation and think your way out.