An Ultimate Guide on How to Get That Perfect Shave Every Time You Do It
If you are preparing for a party, a perfect shave is essential to ensure it gives that sharp look that you always wanted. The results of the shave will also be determined by the kind of shaving razor that you will use, so you have to choose the best. There are different things you need to do to have that sharp look from the shave. Below is an ultimate guide on how to get that perfect shave every time you do it.

A perfect shave is attained when you feel no whiskers at all or a little, on your face after shaving.

If you are not careful with the wet shave razors, you should avoid wet shaves because it will not go kind on your skin as an electric shaver would.

Consider the number of blades in the shaving razor you use, so that you can achieve a perfect shave at the end. According to manufacturing companies like Rockwell razors, using more than one blade in shaving will give you the best results. They say that a multilayer razor will cut the beard in different layers according to each blade in the razor, each blade cutting lower than the previous, so at the end you will have a perfect shave.

You should think about using a shaving cream, so that it will reduce the friction between the razor and your face during shaving.

Razors can be reused for utmost ten times and as low as three, so always check how the blades are before shaving, to make sure they are sharp and avoid the blunt ones.

To save your time looking for something useful during the shaving process, assemble all the tools and products together near you and get ready to start.

When you decide to have a shave after a long time, trim the long beard first and then use the razor to shave the rest.

Use a warm towel to wet your beard first before shaving, because it is easier to shave then.

Wash your face first before shaving, to reduce the chances of getting infections in case of any scratch or cut.

The cream you apply will reduce the friction while shaving, so you will have not irritation at the end.

Do not press the blade on your skin as you shave to avoid cutting or irritating your skin and shave to the direction of your hair.

Do not hit your razor or poke it with other objects to remove the cream, because that will be damaging the blades and it will not give a perfect shave next time.

You may not have gotten all the hair in the first shave, so do it again to cut all that is left off your face.

Apply the aftershave creams to help protect your facial skin from the shaving dryness and also help soothe it.