HVAC’s are a great thing to have until they break. Heating and air-conditioning are very important for year-round comfort, and when an HVAC system develops a problem the solution can be costly. This is made even more so if the contractor you hire is not up to snuff. A bad contractor can overcharge, add to the damage, and walk away without actually fixing the problem. This is why it is important to always be on the lookout for danger signs. Here are a few considerations to take when contracting HVAC repair.

Vet the Contractor

Before you even call a contractor to your home make sure you fully vet the company. The best way to acquire reliable service is by word of mouth. People close to you, friends and family, who have used a HVAC service in the past. If they are happy odds are so will you. The second place to look is online. A simple search for HVAC repair Indianapolis IN., will provide you with everything you need. Good HVAC services will be adorned with satisfied reviews from happy consumers. Bad HVAC services will have a stink of complaints looming around it. Fine at least three reliable choices and then get quotes. This allows you to compare.

Danger Signs

Getting a quote will make the contractor come to you. This means you get to vet them personally, view their work ethic, and notice any danger signs. A big one is how long the contractor looks at your system. Many HVAC contractors will try to upsell you whole new system. So if they take a quick look and use words like old and outdated, they are most likely fishing for more money. Do not give it to them. Instead seek a second opinion. A contractor should give you detailed evidence of why your system needs to be replaced. They should also give you a receipt for services. If they insist on paying cash with not receipt offered run away. Finally, the company should always offer a guarantee. Most reliable services do. This protects you should their repair not fix the problem. It keeps them honest and saves you from having to pony up additional cost. If the service does not offer a guarantee that speaks volumes about their proficiency.


Another very important aspect to focus on is if the service has proper credentials. A legitimate contractor will be licensed, bonded, and will also carry insurance. If they do not they are probably not legally able to operate in your city. This is very important because it protects your liability.

Sometimes accidents happen, even with top level contractors, and in those cases you want to be protected. Last thing you need is to be held liable for a contractor getting injured, or your property being damaged. By ensuring that the service has functional insurance you are protecting yourself. Liability also comes into play if they do not have the proper licenses or bonds.