Protecting your Business Data from being Enriched.
A business should always make sure their information is well secured. Measures should therefore be put in place to ensure no breach of data occurs in any business setting and that only. Data breach will do a business so much harm, it is for this reason that the business should always keep eyes open to avoid any important information from being mishandled and subsequently falling into bad hands. In this article a few of the measure that are necessary for the security of the business’ data have been expounded step wise.
Some of the causes of data breaches include not only hacking by outsiders but also to a large extend from mistakes made internally, fixing any internal causes of data breach in a business will there solve a large percentage of data lost in a company. The company should state clearly to its employees to keep the computers locked from either outsiders or persons within the company who should not have access. All the staff members who handle confidential company’s information should ensure they change their computer’s password on daily basis to lock away any individuals who might have had access to previous passwords, this is a very effective way of keeping the company’s information secure.
The company can also opt to store and back up their data in Azure backups which is a service offered within Azure in which Microsoft data can be stored in the clouds, this will be linked to the companies accounts and only authentic persons can access it. Azure will offer storage services that are paid for according to the company’s consumption of storage space, this will therefore be a fair charge for the service as the company will store information in relation to its business worth and will not feel that most of their income is going to Azure as payment for their services.
There should be sought professional assistance to only allow the company’s Wi-Fi to download only business linked materials so as to reduce risk of the computer users downloading malware that will not only crash the computers but will also help cyber criminals to access the company’s information. Cyber crime has been the all time greatest threat to computerized information, the company should therefore spend a fortune on its education to ensure all its members of staff are well aware of the fraudsters and the little tricks they play on people to get information from them.
In case any of the staff carry with them company laptops and phones they use to log in into the company’s systems, they should be extremely careful with them as they are targeted by thieves who can use them to breach the data of the business, passwords should be only binput in safe places and not in the site of anyone.