Installing a fence around your property does more than simply define the boundaries of your land. A fence can also add interest and beauty to your residence. The type of fencing option you choose can be purely functional, or it can enhance the look of your home. Whether you are considering a chain link fence, wooden fence, or a pvc fence ottawa residents should learn as much about these different options as possible.

Chain Link

A chain link fence is generally a budget friendly choice. It is usually the least expensive fence type. It does its job and keeps pets and children in and can keep unwanted guests out. It is an open design which means that it does not provide you with privacy. You can see out, and others can see in. This fence type is commonly used in many commercial properties, as well as residential properties.


A wooden fence is versatile. You can choose a high fence with close boards if you want privacy. You can also choose a shorter fence, so that you can see over and others can see in. A shorter fence with boards that are spaced apart are used to create a traditional picket fence. These fences can have vertical boards, or horizontal boards. Horizontal boards are often used with contemporary homes, as they have a more contemporary look. Wooden fences do need to be stained or painted periodically. They are susceptible to wood rot, and pests if they are not properly cared for


A PVC fence may also go by the names, plastic fence, vinyl fence or synthetic fence. Fences made of this material can be created in the same ways that wooden fences can be made. They can add privacy or remain open. Boards can be horizontal or vertical. They can be spaced close together, or further apart. The main difference between wooden fences and PVC fences is in the maintenance. You don’t have to paint or stain these fences. They are designed to be care-free. If your PVC fence gets dirty, all that you have to do is hose it down with your garden hose to remove the dirt. It will as good as new. This is a good choice for those who want versatility in a maintenance free design.


Metal fencing is another maintenance free choice. These fences do not rust. They lend themselves to decorative accents. This type of fence works well around swimming pools and with certain housing styles. Metal fencing coordinates well with Gothic and Victorian style houses.

There are more fencing options now, than ever before. Keep the above guide in mind as you decide which fence works best for your home, and your budget. In addition to the beauty, privacy and safety that a new fence provides, fences also add value to your property. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, a fence might just be the reason that a buyer chooses your home over another one.