Various Ways of Finding out about the Worst Viruses Present in the World

The virus is one of the species which has lived in the world for an extended period and seems to be undergoing a lot of mutations year after the other. One should discover more about viruses sine some of them are known to be quite dangerous since they have a high capacity of causing disease outbreaks and even pandemics. Some of the most virus which leave a large number of population worried is those who are very destructive, and yet no cure or vaccine has been found. By reading this article one will be in a position to learn more on the various viruses that have been discovering in the recent which have no cure bit vaccine.

The zika virus is one of the viruses that exist in the world today many people term it as being very dangerous. The zika virus was first reported in twenty sixteen in the United States of America. The zika virus leads to many health problems which include congenital disabilities and many other. This lead to the world health organization terming the virus as a global health issue. Those children were born with the zika virus end up having tiny heads in stature that was far much below the right size with a brain which was not well-formed. The mosquito is one of the leading agents who was known to move the zika virus from one person to another.

The second type of the virus that is present in the world and is known to be very dangerous is the Ebola virus. The place where the Ebola virus and been identified to be very prominent is within the African continent. Being in contact with infected body fluid is the leading known mode in which the Ebola virus is known to move from one person to the other.

The Lassa fever is the third kind of the disease-causing virus that has contributed to the death of a large number of people that is present in the world today. The most disturbing thing about the Lassa virus is that those people who end up being exposed to the virus may suffer from it would without being noticed. The fact that no symptoms are observed with the Lassa virus it comes very hard for the virus to be diagnosed. The scientist termed as the body fluid as being the primary agent in which the Lassa virus gets passed to another person. The main symptoms that appear at the last stage is the bleeding of the eyes and the gums.

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