Methods of Minimizing the Click-Clack Noise of Heels

Heels are common among many women. On the other hand, they produce a lot of click-clack noise that is sometimes very loud. This click-clack noise could be a disturbance to many people who are around you. There are reliable and practical ways of fixing this problem if you are experiencing it. To discover more about this you can read the article below.

Attaching rubber caps to the high heels is one way of fixing this problem. In addition to the noise, they produce the heels may also cause injury to your ankle and foot. However, attaching rubber caps to the bottom will help you to avoid these issues as well as reduce the noise they produce. The caps make them more stable hence your posture is not likely to be affected. It is advisable to think about the size and shape of your shoes before purchasing the protectors.

The other way of reducing this noise is by using gel foot cushions. These cushions are put inside the heels and they are very effective in reducing the noise. Additionally, the gel foot cushion also prevents your foot from sliding forward hence your toes cannot be injured. The other advantage of this gel foot cushion is that they can serve you for a whole month. Learn more about this product by visiting this website.

The other method of reducing the noise is by placing an anti-slip rubber sole at the bottom of your heels. You can also safely and comfortably walk on grounds that are slippery when you attach these soles to your shoes. Therefore, apart from reducing the disturbing noise they also ensure you are safe while walking.

To reduce the noise produced by the heels you can use also the duct tape. This is done by attaching the duct tape to the bottom. However, this method does not make them less slippery, hence it is not very reliable.

Another reliable way of minimizing the noise produced by heels is by using foot foam. It is an effective method as the foam is made from rubber that is able to absorb shock. It is also advisable to avoid wet or slippery areas when using this method to reduce noise.

When you wear heels, they complement your outfit, however, they also make a lot of noises. There are many practical and reliable ways of making your heels quieter. This article has discussed a good number of these ways.