Forty years ago, pest control companies were mostly worried with mice and with roaches. Sometimes ants were a problem. Occasionally a call would come for cricket issues, lawn grubs, or spiders.

Pest control services today are called more often about things like roach infestations an even bed bugs. Bed bugs have gotten completely out of control in some large cities. They infest rapidly, and some people are unaware they have them until the issue gets quite out of control. Fleas can also be a problem if you have pets, especially if you live in states where they are more prevalent.

Is Pest Control Safe for Pets and My Children?

Modern pest control companies have safe alternative treatments for many of the pest problems that you can be troubled with. Treatment areas are done in places where no harm can be done to pets, like gels that are placed inside of walls to bait and kill roaches. They eat these baits and carry them back to their nests, where it kills the entire colony. This type of approach is often used with roaches, ants or any other type of bug that lives in colonies. Small traps that capture animals inside of them and are impossible for children or animals to get inside to the poisons are also used in some cases.

The Cost of Killing Bugs

Most residential pest control services chicago il are very reasonable. Some services can come out to your home one time and there will be one charge. Other treatment paths might take several visits. Ants rarely are taken care of in one visit, as is the case with roaches. For returning services, you may be offered a monthly fee. In comparison to living with the alternative, you’ll probably find the cost to be quite reasonable.

Depending on the issue you have, some technicians will not even have to enter your home each time they come. Treatments may entirely need to be done to your yard, or in trees. Treating the exterior base of the home is a common treatment area for spiders and other bugs that tend to live in crawl spaces that are dark.

If your technician needs to come in your home, they will let you know and most likely make an appointment with you to be let in. Routine maintenance is important in keeping pest populations under control. It will behoove you to keep these appointments and be sure have them treat the inside when they need to.

Remember that a home is damaged by insects. Termites can literally eat your wooden structure right out from underneath you. The damage repair can be very costly in comparison to simply paying the pest control company to come out and take care of your home as if it were their own. Most companies now supply disposable shoe covers so that techs who enter your home will not track in. You can rest, assured that your home is in good hands.