If you’ve seen the signs of rodents in your home, you can either take a DIY approach or call in a professional exterminator. Going with a professional is usually the best route as rodents can be entering a home from multiple locations which makes using traps problematic. Professional exterminators have the tools and knowhow to eradicate these pests and keep them out long-term.

This guide gives the eight steps you should follow if you need to call in a professional exterminator. You will want to complete all these steps before they arrive so that your home is set up in such a manner that they can do their job and you will have long-term peace of mind that the rodents won’t be coming back.

Among these steps, make sure that all of your food is in a can, jar, or is stored in the refrigerator. Don’t leave out bags of food as rodents can chew right through it. Go through your home and repair any holes you spot in the walls, usually around the baseboards. Also, make sure all doors seal properly when closed. Getting rid of an excessive number of stored items will also help.

When the rodent exterminator arrives, you can point out to them everywhere you’ve seen signs of the rodent infestation. They will place baits and traps around the home which shouldn’t be disturbed in any way. From there, make sure you care cleaning regularly, including vacuuming and sweeping so that food crumbs aren’t around.

Looking for a rodent exterminator Encino CA there are several extermination companies available. Most of these can deal with other pests in addition to mice and rats such as termites, ants, fleas, and other unwanted guests in your homes. A number of these firms use organic, green treatments so that harmful chemicals aren’t dispersed around your home. Some also offer free estimates for the work that needs to be performed.

As for how much bringing in a professional exterminator will cost you, Angies List can provide some direction on this. Like many things in life it depends on where you live in the country. However, the average cost of having a professional exterminator deal with rodents in your home will be somewhere between $100 and $575. This will result in 10 rodent traps being placed in your home in strategic locations. The costs can vary such as it being more expensive if you need to have tamper-resistant traps placed around your home. If you need the traps removed by the exterminator than that will cost extra as well usually.

The costs will also be higher if the exterminator needs to seal up the holes in the walls and how many of them exist. The costs can also be higher if there are multiple rat nests that need clearing. If you’re just dealing with a single rodent the DIY approach might be fine but if you have a more serious infestation than the cost of bringing in the professional extermination cavalry can be well worth the cost.